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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food" - Hippocrates, 431 BC

Nutrition extends far beyond the realm of food science. Its complexity transcends the boundaries of contemporary scientific knowledge. Consider, for instance, those stubborn stains left behind when mango juice or turmeric paste grace your clothing. Simple water may not suffice for their removal as one might expect. This prompts us to delve deeper into the mysteries of nutrition, and specifically, how flavonoid polyphenolic compounds within mango pulp contribute to its distinct color, flavor, taste, and numerous other exceptional qualities.

Many of us frequently encounter commercial slogans driven by profit motives. Take, for instance, phrases like "Avoid trans-fats!" or "Exclusively use omega-3 rich oils for cooking". Nonetheless, when a cookie manufacturer proudly promotes their "zero trans fat cookies," we often trust their claims without scrutinizing the underlying facts.

Here, we delve into comprehensive discussions to address any concerns you may have regarding nutritional information in food products, adherence to food safety standards, and the significant role of dietary choices in preventing diseases and promoting overall health.

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  • What are lipoproteins? How high choesterol levels in the serum affects health?

  • How are omega-3 fatty acids beneficial to health?

  • Health benefits of β-carotene. Are β-carotene supplements good for health?

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  • Nutrition facts and health benefits of Yogurt.
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