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Food that we eat is not simply just measured in terms of its fundamental constituents like water, sugar (carbohydrates), fats, protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, but also counting on several determinants- such as quality of its constituents, nutrition values, and safety profile which alltogether plays an important role in our health and wellness.

photo of nish and shobha intends to equip you with the knowledge about what we eat by providing a comprehensive outline of the various food items. We under the expertise of Dr. Umapathi Mangajji Rudrappa () committed to providing every possible solution to our viewers regarding nutrition facts of food items. Dr. Mangajji is a USMLE-ECFMG (ID-0-682-871-9) certified practicing pediatrician and nutritionist. His extensive experience and in-depth knowledge about nutrition facts in vegetables, fruits, etc., and the disease processes linked with oxidants, chemicals, and toxins in the food have been discussed on this website.

We sincerely hope that this blog fulfills the objective of updating our audience on the subject of nutrition and health.

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