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Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food – Hippocrates, 431 BC

Nutrition is not just a food science; its depth has spread beyond the scope of our modern scientists’ knowledge. For instance, have you ever stained your clothes with mango juice or turmeric paste and try to remove it by washing with plain water? It won’t go off that easily as you might think of. Then, if you start thinking little more deeply; you wonder how flavonoid poly-phenolic compounds in mango pulp giving the unique color, flavor, taste, and many other unknown characters to this wonderful fruit.

All of us are commonly aware of commercial slogans... for example-"Stay away from trans-fats!", "Use only omega-3 rich oils for cooking"...but without the proper attributions of the facts behind such slogans.

Here are in detail discussion topics to clear any of your questions about nutrition facts in the food items, food-safety norms and the role of diet in disease prevention and health promotion.

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  • What is Okinawa diet? ..and the secret behind Okinawan long life expectancy?

  • What are antioxidants? How antioxidants in the fruits and vegetables help in preventing cancers and diseases?

  • What is the ORAC value of food you eat?

  • What is acrylamide? How deep frying of food affects your health?

  • What are healthy cooking oils? Our nutrition consultant recommended cooking oils...

  • What are essential fatty acids? Why are they so "essential" for the human body?

  • What are trans fats? why diet containing trans-fats is dangerous to health?

  • How omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to health?

  • Health benefits of beta carotene. Are beta-carotene supplements good for health?

  • Nutrition facts and health benefits of fruit peel.

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List of recommended fats and oils.

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